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what is the deepest love i have to give?

you don’t tell god what to do, you invite him into your heart. ┬áDavid Deida – listening to him on youtube.com…

i’vejustgottobeme.com – this is my home – where i get to speak the language of, Me. All of me. This is the biggest, most open and vulnerable space I can express at this point in my life. I have decided to make this single one of fifteen different domain names I own to be the hub of them all. Home and family, spirituality, body-mind, creative writing, business, philosophy plus shit I ain’t even thought of yet – and at the core of them all, I’ve just got to be me. Thanks, Dad. Let’s play.

core desired feeling, Continuity. partnership, friendships, all my relations. Wide open and vulnerable.

Sunday morning ponderings, ramblings and what else?
… if you’re bored, it’s time to grow on…spread out…through. David Deida – quote above. how i’ve cultivated the Observer as my inner masculine partner. it’s the part of me that wants to get down to business, outline the goals, come up with a strategy and then flog myself into submission in order to follow a plan…driving me ever forward, even against the drag of feminine moodiness. I am a fucked up and brilliant, middle-aged mess. I kinda adore myself…most of the time. Nay-sayers, fuck off…there are plenty of other playgrounds on the planet, go be at home elsewhere. ┬áThis is my turf.